The tableaux and painted backdrops have played an important role throughout the history of photography. From the earliest years, people have often headed to the studio to create images of fantasy. This body of work emphasizes fiction, reality, and the points where they converge. Often with photography this mixture is difficult to distinguish. I, however, want to highlight the fiction through vibrant color, fabricated props, light and paint.


Juggle began as a means of collecting random data through documenting colors of dropped balls. The randomness, however, is not random at all. It is determined by my failure to keep the balls in the air. A juggler is a jester whose failure ruins the act. Juggle explores my role as the jester, here to entertain, but whose failures simply become incorporated into the final piece. In this way, failure enhances the piece. The lines between myself as entertainer/artist and successl/failure blur so that neither is more important than the other. This work is a metaphor for life and learning.


Art is exploration. If you can't learn from the art you create, it's not worth making. In this series, I aspire to learn through physical action, human interraction, and moreover, my own limitations of ability. Often I fail, but the beauty of learning is the failure. I try to create projects that push me past my own limitations and create a visual representation of unpredictable actions and exploration.